Razamatazmanian Renegade - Brittany Calendar 2000
"Good breeding makes all the difference in developing a great bird dog, and the first evening 8 week old Clyde spent in my home I knew I had a pup with excellent potential. At six months Clyde can do it all; he quests for birds, points and holds point, and he's steady to wing. His yard work has been easy as this pup is eager to learn. Clyde is one of those dogs that seem to train themselves. He's that good."

Jim McCann

"What an outstanding weekend. Never in our wildest dreams did we think ourfirst trip to the futurites would mean bringing home the dual title."

"Thank you Tana Kradolfer of TruGritz Brittany's for breeding such a great litter. We are very proud to be the owners of the Central Futurities dual dog winner, Dr Jac's TruGritz Master Yoda O'dee. Yoda was handled in the field to a 3rd place gun dog win by Jackie Swanson. 12 year old Junior Handler Thomas Swanson handled him to 3rd money dog. To our surprise we were then awarded "Dual Dog." Thomas also received a well deserved Best Junior Handler in the Iowa Specialty."

"Thank you Ken and the Iowa Brittany Club for putting on a great weekend."

Jackie Swanson

"We have about 2 more weeks of birds season here. So far we have been out 16 times and have found birds all but two of the times. Her nose is amazing. Several times I have had her pick up scent several hundred yards from the birds, when they are straight up wind, and just go straight to the birds. She made her first retrieve last week. A single got up and I actually hit it so that it fell where she could see it fall. She went straight to and after a moment picked it up and brought it back. She loves to retrieve the dummy and has been helping find birds for the past month. She has always pointed the dead birds before. I think what happens is the covey gets up and she gets excited and doesn't see the bird fall, then when I call he back to help look she automatically points on the scent. Today she had to find and actually run down and catch her first cripple. Took her a bit of time as the bird just had a broken wing and was very much alive but she did it. This year is definitely the most fun I have ever had bird hunting. I know she still needs some work, like shorten her range at times and probably much more. I am absolutely thrilled with what she is doing at 11 months."

January 13, 2011

Well, I got see young Mr. Arrow again today. It wasn't easy for me. I have fallen for the little bundle of energy, just like I have for all the other Brittany hunting dogs I've met, and I wish he had come home with me. But his dad wanted no part of my offers to take him home with me. Too bad! Apparently this young man is very interested in pigeons and has chased clipped-wing pigeons, caught them and carried them around. He's also said to have gone off on his own questing for other birds. Sure seems like a helluva bird dog in-the-making to me! And he is one cute little son-of-a-gun! Just wanted to say once again that you sure make some nice looking and loveable dogs, and I'll bet he'll turn into a fine hunter. The pup seems rather bold, and I sure do look for that in any dog that comes to live in my home. I know you must worry about where your pups go, but you don't have to worry about Arrow one bit in terms of being loved and cared for. Please keep me informed of any future breedings you might have. I have people asking me about pups now and then, and I'll be looking for another pup not too long from now myself. Don't know if Dr. Gordon will have another pup for me anytime soon, but he knows I won't say 'no' if one becomes available.

Warm regards, Jim McCann
January 27, 2007

Brits are Best
It is a good day when I come home to find my latest copy of Pheasants Forever Journal in the mail. I am looking to buy my first gun dog, so I was very interested in reading Larry Brown's article "Which Breed is Best for Pheasants" (Fall Preview 2005). The Dale Spartas photo of a Brittany caught my eye; as my wife's grandmother had bred show Brittanies many years ago. I had great hopes of plenty of great information to bolster my arguments that a Brittany should join our family sooner than later. I must admit a bit of disappointment when I read the article, and see but a passing reference to the breed. Mr. Brown went on to favor the German wirehair and shorthair among pointing dogs. However, on closer inspection, Brittany's [sic] were well represented in several places in your Fall Preview, 2005 edition. In fact, it was ripe with testimonials of happy Brit owners. After Tana at True Grit Brits took the time to answer my many questions reguarding the compatibility of the Brittany breed with this family's needs, I am convinced that the old adage is true, "Actions speak louder than words." You have come through after all and provided me with the support my argument needed. Thank you for your fine publication and great work.

-Matt Winslow
Cody, Wyoming
-Pheasants Forever Journal, Winter 2006

Tana & Conrad:
I just wanted you to know about a hunt I had the other day. I was invited to hunt one of the Billionaire Software guy's places with some wealthy folk. Long story short... I took three men in addition to myself and Reba and we hunted wild pheasants, wild huns and some stocked chukars and pheasants. Reba made over 20 flawless points, three on wild hun coveys and many more great retrieves. One guy said, "I know this is a silly question, but that dog wouldn't be for sale would
she?" "Sir, " I replied, you don't have enough money to buy that dog." He laughed and said, "I figured." Pat Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's last surviving son, was with us and he shot a number of birds over her. He told me she was one of the nicest dogs he'd seen in a long time, and the head guide on the place asked if I'd bring her back later in the year to hunt with the owner, because as he said, that's the best dog I've seen in quite a while. She's the best I've ever had, and if cloning ever get affordable, there's gonna be Reba 1,2, 3 and 4. I will be back to get a pup as soon as the TV thing runs its course and I have time to raise another dog. Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to hunters and especially to me... Happy hunting, Ken PS. Reba says,"Hi!" The show goes well (Nielsen Ratings are very good) and Reba's appeared in a couple of episodes. Wait till you see her retreiving sage hens as big as her on next season's shows.

Ken Barrett
October 31, 2005

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